Saturday, November 30, 2013

Exploring light and bringing it into focus!

My student have been observing light in the past week or so! I had them decorate tubes and then we made the room dark, so they could find other objects in the room that gave off light! The tubes helped them to focus and find the light sources! They found lights from under the doors, through the blinds on the windows, by the projector and the SmartBoard!
Here are some of their creations!


Patterns, Patterns, and more Patterns

My students have been learning about patterns since the school year began. In math, we worked more on understanding patterns! We also learned and discovered there are patterns in math, reading, science, art, everywhere! Here are some ways my students showed me they understood patterns! One student even showed a group of counting cubes that were in a pattern and one group that wasn't!



Learning with Bumbles!

Our school counselor brought in a friend named Bumbles! She talked with the students and showed them a few magic tricks and then talked with them about how their bodies are theirs and they need to protect themselves. She talked with them on how to be safe with others and when they are not in a safe situation to go tell a trusted adult! They also enjoyed listening to music and dancing with her!

Veteran's Day and Fun and Learning with Technology!

For Veteran's Day, we were able to Skype with my cousin who is in the military! I talked through with my students who veterans are and what they did for our country. Then I simply explained what the soldiers currently in the military do. My students learned a little of what she does and even what she gets to eat! One of my students even knew that we should thank her for saving our country and keeping it safe! It was neat to see them try and understand what soldiers do for our country at such a young age!

As a class, we worked on a PBL or Project Based Learning! We were trying to figure out ways to be safe with technology, i.e. iPads, computers, and the internet. So here are my students exploring the cameras on the iPads and eventually worked on educational apps!

Our 50th Day of School

Back in early November, we had our 50th Day of School! Here are some fun things we did for the occasion! We even got to chew bubble gum and try to blow bubbles, and enjoy root beer floats!

"Mouse Shapes" Creations

We read the book, Mouse Shapes, and then we talked about shapes and their attributes! Following that they made creations from shapes I provided them, just like the mice in the story!


Pumpkin Storybook Character Parade

We had an awesome Pumpkin Storybook Character Parade and contest brought to us by our awesome Librarian and Media Specialist! Here are some of the pumpkins my kids did!

Drug Free Week

In October, we had a Drug Free at school! We wrote on a keyboard to "Delete Drugs!" We also wore crazy socks so we could "Sock it to Drugs!"

Animals VS. Not Animals

In October, we worked on picture sorts, that will eventually work up to Word Sorts. They were sorting between Animals vs. Not Animals and later in the week, we sorted them by Animals, Plants, and Oddballs!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Writing around the room.....
During our Daily 5 time, I had my students write things from around the room! This is what one of my students saw and wrote down! Thought it was pretty awesome! Next step reading the words! :)
Sorting, sorting everything, but not a thing to eat....
We worked on sorting pictures of objects that were fruits and not fruits. We also sorted objects that were different shapes: circles, triangles, and squares. They figured out many different ways to sort each group of pictures! :)




Measuring Table during Math Workshop! They figured out how many cubes long or tall an object was! They were also counting the cubes, and comparing the objects to each other. They puzzled out which cube towers were taller and shorter.