Saturday, October 19, 2013

Writing around the room.....
During our Daily 5 time, I had my students write things from around the room! This is what one of my students saw and wrote down! Thought it was pretty awesome! Next step reading the words! :)
Sorting, sorting everything, but not a thing to eat....
We worked on sorting pictures of objects that were fruits and not fruits. We also sorted objects that were different shapes: circles, triangles, and squares. They figured out many different ways to sort each group of pictures! :)




Measuring Table during Math Workshop! They figured out how many cubes long or tall an object was! They were also counting the cubes, and comparing the objects to each other. They puzzled out which cube towers were taller and shorter.

Creating family trees after reading Jonathan and His Mommy! We talked about families and how they are all different sizes, but they have a firm foundation in the trunk and the leaves are all the members! :)