Monday, February 3, 2014

Let it Rain!!!

As we begin to study the weather, I found an Wonderful Weather experiment on Pinterest! I took a cup of water, put shaving cream on top, dropped some blue food coloring on top of the "cloud." and let them watch it rain! They learned that when clouds get too heavy, it rains! They were mesmerized! 

Sand, soil, soap, and oil, OH MY MAGNETS!!!

My students had a lot of fun discovering with magnets in science! They found out that magnets "attract" to metal with iron in it! They got to use a magnet to find objects made of iron in containers of vegetable oil, soil, soap, and sand! They also got to use a magnet to guide a paper clip through a magnetic maze!


Push, Pull, and away we go!!!!

My student enjoyed learning about motion and forces! They also got to make a motion project where they could make a playground or an amusement park ride and describe to the class the motions involved! 

Hey........the Spoon! :)

Went over the poem, "Hey Diddle, Diddle," with my kids! They had to put the poem back in order and then had to sort different pictures that began with the letters C and D! Lots of fun in learning letters and sounds.                                             

Beginning, Middle, and End

Per the suggestion of one of my fellow Kinder teachers, I had my kids retell the story of when a snowman was made, melted, and given the chance to be built again! :)
Learning about the Beginning, Middle, and End of stories!

(Coco)Nuts for learning!!!!

Had fun reading the book: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! 
We even got to break into a real coconut and look inside! It was a little old, but still smelled good! The kids loved it!

Even MORE Patterns!!!

We can't get enough of Patterns in Kindergarten!!!
We did patterns with counting cubes, foam squares, paper squares, and even awesome games on the Smart Board! They also got to do a game called "Break the Train," to help them learn about the core of a pattern.




Measurement! How long is it?

Lots of fun with measurement! Tracing their shoes and counting how many cubes fit in their shoe. Using a method of non-standard measurement!


3D shapes and more!!!

Lots of fun discovering 3D shapes through the use of Play-Doh, and using toothpicks and marshmallows!

Even had one of my students bring some in she made at home!!! :)