Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We talked about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We used Play-doh to illustrate reusing! I had them make a ball, smash it, make a snake, smash it, make a happy face, smash it and then make a circle. We talked about how different objects can be reused and how Play-doh can show us that. We talked about how we can reuse paper, plastic bags, and plastic bottles!

What could be in the bag?

We played a game of inventory bags! In order for them to learn how to keep track of an amount of objects, we went through each bag and drew what we found!

1 2 3 4, see how high we can count to more!

The students made a counting book! We talked about counting in order and counting correctly. So they wrote the number, then drew that many of a certain object, and added that many stickers to that page!

Make, make, make a mark!

We had dot week at school! We talked about how they can be unique and themselves. However they make a mark in life should be their own!
Our Gifted and Talented teacher came and had them make a fingerprint on a piece of paper and make something out of it. Here is what they came up with!

What we made with shapes!

We talked about pattern blocks, and then I had them create a picture with the cut out shapes! They were creative and had a lot of fun with it!

Our sense of taste testing

In our exploring of the five senses, we taste tested different snacks. We test tasted: a bitter chocolate chip, a sweet lifesaver candy, a sour sour patch candy, and a salty cracker! Some thought the sour candy was pretty tart and sour! :)

Smell good stuff!

As we explored our five senses, we test smelled different liquids on cotton balls! They got to smell perfume, mouthwash, laundry soup, maple syrup, and pickle juice. They wafted the smell to their noses to smell them. They liked the laundry soup and mouthwash the most! They didn't like the pickle juice very much! I didn't either! :)

Our five senses!

We explored our five senses! I had them make posters to show the objects that they cpuld explore with each sense! They enjoyed working in groups!